Valencian Global Growth Program

The 2nd Edition 2013-2014 of the Valencian Global Growth Program is open for applications until 15th June, find herein all the information and the documents to complete.

Welcome to the “VALENCIAN GLOBAL”, an intensive business mentoring and entrepreneurship development training program in Spain for accomplished entrepreneurs and executive managers, under the mentorship of three renowned experts with and MIT record in global entrepreneurship: Ken Morse, Bill Aulet and Laura Barker Morse.

This program has been tested, acknowledged, and has proven its efficiency in Sapin as well as in many other countries.

If you have your own business and want to increase your market share, to expand to internacional markets, to attract funding, and if you are willing to invest in your own education and potential to reach the “next level” and to provide long-term development and success for your business, take 5 minutes to read more about our Valencian Global.

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