It has been my great pleasure to work with Business Innovation of Valencia to help develop innovation-driven entrepreneurs.  Over the past four years, I have seen their programs educate, nurture, network and instill the proper mindset of companies in the Valencia region that are now going to have global impact.  These companies have come to MIT and competed with the best entrepreneurs globally and won business here and the respect of everyone.  This is exactly the kind of program that Spain needs to build the confidence and mindset to attack global markets and bring economic prosperity back to the region.  I truly enjoy working with the wonderful Business Innovation team and their group of entrepreneurs.

Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

Our participation in the first edition of VG was the beginning of a journey towards unexplored territories for our company: the process of a demerger or spin-off, being able to take on necessities regarding financing projects, adding new shareholders to the management board… During this exciting journey, which did entail a few difficulties, we were hand to hand with distinguished agents, such as:  VG’s coaches, the MIT lecturers and, above all, the permanent presence of the amazing Business Innovation team, led by J.V. Pons, who were always available to help and were completely committed to attend our necessities at any time (and when I say any time, I’m serious: this included weekends and phone calls at night). To summarize: the BI team helped us to make Medip Health what it is today.

Daniel Vicente, General Director Medip Health Participant in Valencian Global First Edition

The Business Innovation team has been a key player in our participation in the 3rd edition of the Valencian Global Growth Company. They have advised us, accompanied us and looked to make sure that we got the most out of the experience at all times to turn it into growth for the company. 

From the very first moment, José Vicente Pons has made us think BIG and he has become involved in the whole process, adding valuable key contacts for our short-term financing, with very beneficial conditions in regards to various banking entities. At the same time, he has worked on contacts with investors and has given us the opportunity to establish contact with them and, as the program advanced, he gave us the know-how in regards to approaching the way we present our company. During this time I felt that there was someone who was pulling the strings and who cared about our opportunities and our development as a startup growing. He had plans for us, and this made us extremely motivated to keep working hard. 

The implication of the Business Innovation team in the achievement of Lowpost’s plans has been absolute, fighting to defeat gigantic obstacles and bureaucratic difficulties, ensuring we never lost sight of our goal. Their intervention in our growth process has been a very valuable lever that has made us think BIG and want to GROW to our maximum capacities, finding support in every step of the way, enabling us to come upon the best possible way of doing so.

José Ignacio García, CEO y Fundador de LOWPOST SL.