Boston Link

We help companies to get to the next level by introducing them to the Boston innovative Ecosystem, that will provided you advice, talent, business experience and funds for your project.

The program starts at the company with a thorough full preparation: strategy, value, pitching, team, IP  protection. We only accept those companies that are willing to work hard and to move outside Spain a part of their operations if needed.

In a 4-6 months program, we can provide you with the tools that are needed to make a difference and will introduce your company to valuable business people that may help you to manage in the future.

With the program Boston Link we will help you to set up your company abroad:

A thorough full preparation: strategy, value proposition, pitching, team, and IP protection.

Assistance to the EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program) at MIT/Sloan School of Management (Cambridge, MA)

Introduction to the key people in the Boston Ecosystem/Route 128, lawyers, venture capitals, partners, customers and top talent people for your company.

Assistance to set up the US Company, law regulations, establishing offices and recruitment of people.

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If you are an entrepreneur that have a challenging company, please apply to this program.