Building Global Companies


We help to build international companies, using a HYBRID INNOVATION approach and creating ECOSYSTEMS that supports entrepreneurs.

Strategy and experimentation are coming together to boost results and increase productivity. Startups need to experiment the idea before they can really grow in a sustainable way. Aligning talent, execution and process in a common strategy is the first priority to get to the next level.

At Business Innovation, we help the companies through out this process achieving more robust results, with the 24 steps method from the Martin Trust Entrepreneurship Center at MIT, thus leveraging the MIT culture to create the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Building global companies is only possible if there is an ECOSYSTEM behind that helps entrepreneurs to validate their business model, find new customers, attracting talent  and providing financial support.  Our mission is to prepare you to use our expanding ecosystem in Spain, LATAM and Boston, the best way.

We look only for ambitious entrepreneurs and innovative companies, that want to change the world, that can execute and deliver.

How we do it?

Using a HYBRID INNOVATION approach

experimentation plus strategy come together to boost results

ECOSYSTEMS that support entrepreneurs

and helps them to validate their business model

We leverage MIT culture using the 24 steps methodology

we create the new generation of entrepreneurs

We align talent, execution and process

to focus on the market and go global