Key Performance Indicators

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  • It has been my great pleasure to work with Business Innovation of Valencia to help develop innovation-driven entrepreneurs. Over the past four years, I have seen their programs educate, nurture, network and instill the proper mindset of companies in the Valencia region that are now going to have global impact. These companies have come to MIT and competed with the best entrepreneurs globally and won business here and the respect of everyone.

  • Our participation in the first edition of VG was the beginning of a journey towards unexplored territories for our company: the process of a demerger or spin-off, being able to take on necessities regarding financing projects, adding new shareholders to the management board…

  • The Business Innovation team has been a key player in our participation in the 3rd edition of the Valencian Global Growth Company. They have advised us, accompanied us and looked to make sure that we got the most out of the experience at all times to turn it into growth for the company.